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Monday, December 21, 2009

Haiti lost six points in world rankings

Haiti is only 90th in the latest world rankings published by FIFA this Wednesday, December 16, 2009. Thus, the Grenadiers lost six seats and 36 points. With 348 points, Haiti abandons the 85th place and always precedes the Cuban team (119th). In CONCACAF, Haiti is the last in the Top Ten. The three representatives of the CONCACAF World in South Africa in 2010, the U.S., Mexico and Honduras in the first three positions in the area and they are only respectively (14th, 17th and 37th) in the classification General of the Federation Internationale de Football.
The next FIFA rankings released February 3, 2010
Here are the standings of the CONCACAF zone for the month of December, the last of the year 2009.

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After the victory (6-0) Valentina Wednesday at the expense of Scouts in qualifying match

After the victory (6-0) Valentina Wednesday at the expense of Scouts in qualifying match for the 18th night of women's football championship and no one (1-1) conceded by the Tigresses face Focus on the last game of the competition who must set the two co-leaders and Valentina Tigresses late in the match counted for the 5th night of the competition is as a finale with the requirement for training champion of win to retain his title.

15 wins one draw and one loss, the account is good, Tigresses and Valentina are equally perfect classification level of the competition with 46 units of 51 possible and at least one game for each club. Certainly, the two formations could not play the seventeen meetings they would play because of the abandonment of Aurora Brache and shelving of Friendly and Anacaona, but that 'Whether the decisions on green carpet gave successful clubs who remained compliant.

Wednesday training Tigresses who had two points ahead of Valentina had to fight for Focus on a roll Saturday, but Roselord Borgella, a terrible strike the right foot decided otherwise and the situation could have further complicated if Nana had not hesitated after dribbling Montinard to be alone in front of goal "yellow and black."

So, Saturday's game promises to be decisive for the attribution of the title. Tigresses side, just bring 15 straight wins before conceding defeat, morale is not rosy for the month of November, not just because they were beaten by Valentina at the tournament Citizenship but they almost got trapped by Amazon at the 17th day.

But Saturday against Valentina, it will be another story because the band aspires to succeed Natacha Valentina winners in the competition this season and to help Wislina Dolce, Charles Fiord Daphnée, Soline Eline and Bellevue, Mona Bercier, Sofia Batard, Judith Stone and others are among the key for a reissue of the exploit of the leg.

Valentina side, defeat recorded at the 5th day go left a bitter taste in the mouth of Fernande Hilaire Miguelite Phanor Adeline St. Ilmont et al. Saturday's game sounds like a revenge, but mainly as a meeting to determine a certain supremacy, one of the best team of the moment. For Adeline St. Ilmont which celebrated its 14th anniversary, Emanise Pierre Louis, who will celebrate December 27, the guardian Irma who celebrated December 17, Saturday will be a victory, plus a new title, a birthday present and revenge that is eaten cold.

Suffice to say that the stake is worth seeing at Sylvio Cator Stadium Saturday night with the hope that Grozòm and his family will not come to grips with the ultra Valentina as was the case at the end of the leg.

A recall that rank scorers, Fernande Hilaire dispute the palm with his teammate Adeline St. Ilmont since both players have registered 17 goals each.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Haiti: Christmas Gift Brazilian Michael Oliveira

After stopping in the first round last December 7 Gustavo De La Cruz, Dominican Republic, the undefeated middleweight Michael Oliveira Brazilian (10 wins, including 8 by Ko and 0 back) will raise the voltage at the Karibe Convention Center on Friday.

Aged 19 years, Oliveira, a student of Miami Dade College, was born in Brazil, but lives and boxing outside of Miami. Friday, her opponent will Edvardo Mercedes (5-2, 5 KOs) in a battle of 8 rounds. Because of his talent puncher, the charismatic Oliveira is touted as the heir to the star of boxing Brazilian Acelino "Popo" Freitas, four times world champion who has retired two years ago.

Oliveira will fight for the 2nd time in 11 days. Never mind, his father Carlos Oliveira, also his manager, explains: "We took this fight because it is a great opportunity for Michael to finish the year with a big bang. There are many peacekeepers Brazilian nationality within the United Nations forces stationed in Haiti and Michael wants to give them an early Christmas present. This fight will give them a sense of pride in Brazil to have one of their compatriots in the ring. "

Michael Oliveira is found in great form after his last fight against the Dominican Gustavo De La Cruz. Everyone looks forward to his opposition style face Edvardo Mercedez. The Brazilian arrived Tuesday morning in Port-au-Prince. It is the same for Azea augustam Campfort and Wilky.

Haiti: Baltimore ASC final

They got their tickets on the wire for the 4th edition of the Super Eight after a desperate effort in the last two days of national championship first division (closing set). The Baltimore dominated AUC (2-0) at the last day of competition at the Parc Levelt Saint-Marc, CSA got a valuable point on his lawn (0-0) against Ascaris in the 'penultimate day. But after the semifinals of the 2009 edition, they are the only ones to get their ticket for the final of the 4th edition of the Super Eight with the possibility for St. Marcois of Baltimore to become the first club in the entire history to win the competition twice.

The Baltimore qualified Sunday for the final of the 4th edition of the Super Eight dominating the ASCAR (2-1) in second leg qualifier for the semifinals of the competition. But after their defeat (0-2) at Parc Levelt Wednesday Sonche men Pierre knew they needed a victory by three goals Sunday to Parc Edouard Baker Carrefour to enter the final competition . But cold picked on their lawn with a goal of Lucksène Elistin in the 27th minute, teammates of Angelot Dieujuste saw the situation is complicated since they must then enter four goals without conceding a new one. The goal scored against his side by former player of the World Cup less than seventeen years in South Korea, Meshack Jerome, restored hope to Carrefourrois which equalized 1-1 and went to attack the visitors' goals with the aim of raising their three late goals. But the former striker of the national soccer team of less than seventeen years at the World Cup this category in South Korea against Japan in 2007, Guemsly Joseph Jr, ruining all hopes of entering premises in the second goal of the training holy marcoise. Nothing has changed at the score until the final whistle of the match. The St. Marcois needed (2-1) at Carrefour and open doors for the final of the 4th edition of the Super Eight dominating Carrefourrois (4 - 1_ throughout the two matches and will ASCAR confine its access at the Top 4 this season.

The Associaition Sports Capoise goodness has the last representative of Capital out of competition for themselves the last ticket to the final of the 2009 edition. Facing the Capois Sunday foals Jean Joseph Mathelier had an obligation to back a one goal difference after their defeat (0-1) Wednesday at the park Levelt. In the Sylvio Cator stadium, teammates Alexander Bourcicaut having received the return of some absent, almost seven thousand spectators who had made the trip to see the dream Violet climb at least level Capois and earn the right to defend its skin until the meeting of shots on goal. But Sunday is a virtually zero Violet who played this meeting spot for the semi-final. Apart from two butting exceptional Yvens Warrior (one in each period) for two stops splendid Yves Marie Clervain the Violet has never lived up to its reputation even when Capois played the last ten minutes Part nine against eleven.

At the final whistle of this important meeting arbitrated by Edward Guidner, the two formations are separated on the parity score (0-0). A score that opens the door to the final Capois who benefits from their victory (1-0) to go.

The final Sunday will oppose the CSA to Baltimore while Violet and ASCAR remain the gateway to the final.

Haiti: Ricardo "El Maestrito" Cordoba or artist of the ring

The former king of the WBA super-cock, the Panamanian Ricardo "El Maestrito" Cordoba, is one of the attractions of the Discovery Evening. "Friday, December 18 at the Karibe Convention Center. Coached by the famous Celso Chavez, himself, coach of the Panamanian champion Anselmo "Chemito" Moreno, and undefeated lightweight Haitian Evens "Kid Sun" Peter, Cordoba could be ranked among the most talented boxers of his generation.

In the ring, his show has charm and bite. The South American left-hander had lost his title of WBA super cock March 21, 2009 against the Irishman Bernard Dunne. At 24 years, "El Maestrito" who has a track record of 34 victories including 21 before the deadline, two draws and two defeats, to rub the Colombian Luis Felipe Murillo in a fight of 10 rounds.

Last June, the South American artist was commissioned to prepare France's first defense of the title of European champion of heavy-cock, Malik Bouziane. He does not balk at working point sparring partner. "It is a very big piece, a boxer and powerful technique," said Mouloud Bouzianne, President of the ring of Massy.

Friday at the Karibe Convention Center in Petionville, the Haitian public, which has the great opportunity to find out, will certainly value for money.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Haiti: G-16 to T Park Rony Colin

The CEO of Zenith Radio TV, Rony Cole, continues to innovate in the creation of sports and recreational activities designed to entertain young and old alike in the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac. After the traditional championship summer holiday which always attracts large crowds, Rony Colin persists and signs in organizing the G-16, sort of competition that brings together the sixteen best training, drawn from the championship summer.

With the big smile that Rony Colin comfortably installed in his office at Radio Zenith TV, welcomes us to discuss the organization of the G-16 scheduled for December 16, 2009 to January 2, 2010.

The time to give instructions to staff and to receive others, we subsequently invited to visit the T Park Rony Colin activated when the staff in the rehabilitation of the site to host the competition.

Apart from some work remains to be done in the field of sound and lighting at the park also add the construction of the VIP lounge and booth for live coverage of matches, everything is almost ready to start in fanfare the first edition of the G-16 set for Wednesday, December 16, 2009, according to the President of the Organizing Committee, Mr. Jonas St-Juste.

Fuji Ifoksa For Life-and-AJSB Topaz, these are the two events on the program this first day of competition with the animation and music Rockfam Djakout Mizic.

Each evening this until January 2, 2010, the T Park Rony Colin is rich in entertainment of any kind in a sporting, cultural and recreation where the public will have the opportunity to see the best players scroll through some change in the national championship as well as local musical groups and the diaspora, "said Rony Colin.

Serving the community ...

Replying to a question about why he had chosen to invest in sports and cultural activities in the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac, Rony Colin says he is always good to think about the society in which we live.

Residents of this area are deprived of healthy activities for entertainment, even a public place, hospital, health center, cinema and no authority has so far made promises in the construction or development of space to amuse the young and old still obliged to travel to the capital for entertainment.

Investing in a first time its own funds in organizing cultural activities, sports and recreation, the CEO of Zenith Radio TV has managed to provide the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac, a radio station and television.

Not to mention the T Park Rony Colin who at large appointments still beats the record attendance.
When the musical entertainment of one day racing in Colin Rony T Park is a musical training, admission is 100 gourds. If it is only with a DJ, the price can vary between 25 and 50 gourds.

To a question on what motivates him in the annual championship summer, Rony Colin said that many foreigners including Martinique activist in football, are moving in each edition of the championship to attend the evolution of our football and if possible identify potential talent to evolve in the championship Martinique.

This applies also vice-president of the club Franciscan Martinique, Denis Morey, who after watching the player move of the Black Eagle Evens Prophet (Mac Manamana) (best player in the championship summer 2009), was contacted to move ahead in Martinique and since then it is the heyday of the club Franciscan.

The Guadeloupe is also very interested because recruiters from the country will travel with Denis Morey to get an idea of talent to recruit possibly at the G-16.

Through the Foundation Rony Cole, CEO of Zenith Radio TV intends to engage in the production of sporting talent with the creation of a football school in 2010 for children in the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac and especially those from disadvantaged neighborhoods.

The African Footballer of George Weah, who we remember was the guest of Rony Colin to visit Haiti, promised every assistance in hardware and sporting facilities for the operation of the school football.

"My passion for the sport does not allow me to live in an environment devoid of sports," we told Rony Cole, a former martial artist and with age practice jogging every morning and on some occasions the swimming.

He took the opportunity to send congratulations to the Minister of Sports Evans Lescouflair having rehabilitated the former operating ranch of Croix-des-Bouquets used as an accommodation of future talent of Haitian sport.

Congratulations also go to the Speaker of the FHF, Dr. Yves Jean-Bart, Professor Patrice Dumont and economist Kesner Pharel for their advice and suggestions to the CEO of Zenith Radio TV in organizing leagues and tournaments .

He also seized the opportunity for the remecier SOGEBANK Bran and Bongu who responded positively in sponsoring the G-16.

Haiti: Nine fights including two titles Thurs, December 18 at the Karibe

The "Discovery Night" on 18 December will be decorated with the presence of the greatest hope of the Brazilian boxing, Michael Oliveira. It will face the Dominican Eduardo Mercedes in a fight six times. The Haitian public will also become acquainted with the talented Mexican boxer Ramon Nino del Oro "Ayala, a protégé of Jacques Deschamps Fils sponsor and team mate of former world champion flyweight, the Aztec Edgar Sosa. The announcement was made during a press conference Friday at the Karibe Convention Center in Petionville.

The journalists were informed of the days and times of arrival of the boxers. This is where Jimmy Colas from Germany and waited at the airport in Port-au-Prince on Saturday.

In this review of "Discovery Night", nine professional fights during which s'affonteront of pugilists from the Panama (Ricardo "El Maestrito" Cordoba, Evens Pierre, Jhonny Orisma), Colombia (Luis Felipe Murillo Jhon Berio) Mexico (Ramon "El Nino de Oro" Ayala), Brazil (Michael Oliveira), Jamaica (Nicholas "The Ax Man" Welters), United States (Wicky Campfort, Azea augustam) of France (Jimmy "Pitbull" Colas), the Dominican Republic (Carlos Manuel Reyes Leonel Segura Aneudis Marte, Juan Carlos Rosario, Luis Hinojosa, Daniel Beato, Valero Marte).

Besides the two championships for two regional titles (Cordoba-Murillo, Colas-Berio), the evening will be marked by the. Opposition between the Jamaican Nicholas Walters and the Dominican Carlos Reyes, respectively, both undefeated in 13 fights and 12. One should lose his invincibility.

One of the attractions of the gala international professional boxing is the presence for the first time in a ring in Haiti Haitian young professional boxers who will defend themselves against adversaries of size, both designers and punchers. First, lightweight Evens Pierre native of Cité Soleil and unbeaten since he turned pro, then the young coming from Jhonny Orisma area Fontamara and trained by the late Yves Jeudy. These two young pugilists, supported by the Foundation Lucienne Deschamps, one of the sponsors of the evening of December 18, settled long ago in Panama under the guidance of renowned coach Celso Chavez for their professional preparation.

As for Azéa augustam who represented Haiti at the recent Olympic Games in Beijing (China) and Wilky Campfort who participated in the Pan American Games in Rio, their style does not displease the friends of the noble art in Haiti, like that of classical Ricardo " El Maestrito "Cordoba, who was recently the sparring-partner of the champion Anselmo Moreno, recent winner of Patraca in France. The highlight of this "Discovery Night" will be the championship for the WBC Latino Super Welter between the former champion of the European Union, the Franco-Haitian Jimmy Colas and Colombian Jhon Berrio (in 11 rounds).

According to Georges Patrick Buteau, the representative of Premium Boxing Promotions, a subsidiary company of International Boxing based in Panama, the promoter Jacques Deschamps Fils finally succeeded in making his dream a reality: together at an evening international boxing Haitian boxers quality.

Finally, speaking in the press conference this Friday, December 11, 2009 at the Karibe Convention Center, home of international boxing gala, the president of the Haitian boxing commission, Frederick Aupont, announced the establishment of a partnership between its body and the Haitian Federation of Amateur Boxing, to promote and facilitate the emergence of young talent in Haiti.